Career Profile

I’m an IT specialist with almost 17 years of experience in networking, system administration and DevOps areas. I worked as a Network Operations Center Engineer in different ISPs in Ukraine and was in the core team of the company which is in the top 10 Ukrainian ISPs. Nowadays I have been working as a DevOps Engineer for 8 years in Berlin-based companies. I’m trying to use all best practices of infrastructure as a code and automation in my everyday work.


Senior DevOps Engineer

August 2021 - ...

* Created pipelines and configurations for Golden images built with Hashicorp Packer
* Improved Terraform configuration for resources hosted in AWS, developed modules and did some code cleanup
* Worked on developing internal tooling to prepare reports for SOC2 audit
* Supported developers with infrastructure topics: AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, deployment pipelines, monitoring, etc.
* Documented way of working for team members and developers on how to work with infrastructure

Expert DevOps Engineer

January 2020 - July 2021
MBition Gmbh

* Driven migration of on-prem infrastructure to the cloud (AWS)
* Supporting team members with implementing IaC (Terraform + Terragrunt)
* Mentoring colleagues in the team with their first steps in AWS
* Implementing automation for already running tools: Ansible, Python
* Preparing policies for monitoring, alerting and disaster recovery
* Working on a security-related topic (VPN connection, data encryption)
* Leading Measuring Value Stream, planning work, activities and goals

DevOps Engineer

September 2018 - December 2019
SmartFrog Services Gmbh., Berlin

* Managing infrastructure (AWS, Kubernetes, Hetzner) and CDN (CloudFlare)
* Managing pilot project to improve security in development with Hashicorp Vault
* Managing monitoring configuration and tools (Icinga2, Prometheus, OpsGenie)
* Preparing infrastructure as a code for internal projects: Terraform, Helm, Ansible
* Writing automation scripts: Python, Shell, Go

System Administrator / DevOps Engineer

July 2015 - August 2018
DeliveryHero AG, Berlin

* Automating configuration with SaltStack and Puppet
* Creating Terraform plans for internal projects
* Managing centralized logging systems: Splunk, ELK
* Working on a new platform based on Kubernetes
* Improving infrastructure monitoring
* Implementing and optimizing disaster recovery procedures. Analyzed and reduced backup size
* Managing infrastructure and accounts in Amazon AWS
* Managing CDN configuration: Akamai, Cloudflare
* Running network infrastructure (Fortigate, Vyatta/VyOS, custom Ubuntu-based firewall)

Network/System Administrator

Oct 2013 - July 2015
Advanced Telecomunications Ltd.

* Designing internal network infrastructure: BGP, IPSEC connectivity, wireless network
* Administrating mail services (Postfix, Dovecot, Cisco IronPort)
* Administrating VoIP servers: Cisco CUBE, Cisco CallManager, Asterisk
* Configuring monitoring infrastructure: Icinga, Check_MK, CollectD

System Administrator

Jun 2012 - Sep 2013
Video Internet Technologies Ltd.

* Managing BGP for own network and AS
* Managing VMWare VSphere Server
* Planning of company internal network and services (web-, file- and SVN storage, backup system etc)
* Managing and support mail server (Exim+Cyrus+openbsd-spamd+spamassassin)
* Automating the provisioning of embedded systems with the PXE server
* Linux image development for embedded systems

NOC Engineer

Jul 2009 - Jun 2012
Skif ISP Ltd.

* Researching for new hardware and software solutions, design and implementation (IP-Unnumbered, global user authorization system, soft routers based on OpenBSD and Linux)
* Interacting with service providers and uplinks
* Developing new features and supporting the ISP Billing system
* Support of services (Postfix, Cyrus, PostgreSQL)

NOC Engineer

Feb 2007 - Jun 2009
Freenet / O3 Ltd.

* Implementing a monitoring solution based on Nagios+NagVis
* Automating billing-related tasks
* Managing and planning network infrastructure
* Services support
* Did onboarding for new employees in the technical support department


List of interesting projects happened in my life.

HiKam website - Supporting frontend developers with the migration of HiKam website to a new engine, webshop and Kubernetes hosting.
Burger King Lieferservice - Supporting and managing infrastructure for BurgerKing Lieferservice platform hosted in AWS.
Skif ISP / Billing system - Integrating several payment systems and improving user experience with new features: bonus system, payments with bonus points etc.
GoldenFiber Network (at the moment JSC Kyivstar) - Building and managing GoldenFiber network, provisioning network equipment. Debugging issues related to a misconfiguration of network equipment and problems with physical connection.
pyWBacula - Web interface for generating reports and alerting to problematic backups.
Icinga2 plugins - Various Icinga2 (Nagios compatible) plugins

Skills & Proficiency

Linux OS family


Observability, monitoring, logging and alerting

Infrastructure as a Code (Terraform)

Containerization and orchestration



Cloud Providers

Configuration as a Code

Network Administration

Coding and scripting: Python, Bash, Go