Career Profile

I’m IT specialist with almost 16 years of expirience in networking, system administration and devops areas. I worked as Network Operations Center Engineer in different ISP’s in Ukraine and was in core team of company which is in top 10 Ukrainian ISP’s. Nowadays I’m working as DevOps Engineer for 5 years in Berlin based companies. I’m trying to use all best practices of infrastructure as a code and automation in my everyday work.


Senior DevOps Engineer

August 2021 - ...

* Created pipelines and configurations for Golden images built with Hashicorp Packer
* Prepared POC for HCP Packer Cloud usage
* Improved Terraform configuration for resources hosted in AWS, developed modules and did some code cleanup
* Worked on developing internal tooling to prepare reports for SOC2 audit
* Supported Kubernetes, Beanstalk and ECS applications clusters

Expert DevOps Engineer

January 2020 - July 2021
MBition Gmbh

* Supporting migration of on-prem infrastructure to the cloud (AWS)
* Supporting team members with implementing IaC (Terraform + Terragrunt)
* Implementing automation for already running tools: Ansible, Python
* Preparing policies for monitoring, alerting and disaster recovery
* Working on a security-related topic (VPN connection, data encryption)
* Leading Measuring Value Stream, planning work, activities and goals

DevOps Engineer

September 2018 - December 2019
SmartFrog Services Gmbh., Berlin

* Managing infrastructure (AWS, Kubernetes, Hetzner) and CDN (CloudFlare)
* Managing pilot project to improve security in development with Hashicorp Vault
* Managing monitoring configuration and tools (Icinga2, Prometheus, OpsGenie)
* Preparing infrastructure as a code for internal projects: Terraform, Helm, Ansible
* Writing automation scripts: Python, Shell, Go

System Administrator / DevOps Engineer

July 2015 - August 2018
DeliveryHero AG, Berlin

* Automating configuration with SaltStack and Puppet
* Creating Terraform plans for internal projects
* Managing centralized logging systems: Splunk, ELK
* Working on a new platform based on Kubernetes
* Improving infrastructure monitoring
* Implementing and optimising disaster recovery procedures. Analyzed and reduced backups size
* Managing infrastructure and accounts in Amazon AWS
* Managing CDNs configuration: Akamai, Cloudflare
* Running network infrastructure (Fortigate, Vyatta/VyOS, custom Ubuntu-based firewall)

Network/System Administrator

Oct 2013 - July 2015
Advanced Telecomunications Ltd.

* Designing internal network infrastructure: BGP, IPSEC connectivity, wireless network
* Administrating mail services (Postfix, Dovecot, Cisco IronPort)
* Administrating VoIP servers: Cisco CUBE, Cisco CallManager, Asterisk
* Configuring monitoring infrastructure: Icinga, Check_MK, CollectD

System Administrator

Jun 2012 - Sep 2013
Video Internet Technologies Ltd.

* Managing BGP for own network and AS
* Managing VMWare VSphere Server
* Planning of company internal network and services (web-, file- and svn storage, backup system etc)
* Managing and support mail server (Exim+Cyrus+openbsd-spamd+spamassassin)
* Automating the provisioning of embedded systems with PXE server
* Linux images development for embedded systems

NOC Engineer

Jul 2009 - Jun 2012
Skif ISP Ltd.

* Researching for new hardware and software solutions, design and implementation (IP-Unnumbered, global user authorization system, soft routers based on OpenBSD and Linux)
* Interacting with service providers and uplinks
* Developing new features and supporting ISP Billing system
* Support of services (Postfix, Cyrus, PostgreSQL)

NOC Engineer

Feb 2007 - Jun 2009
Freenet / O3 Ltd.

* Implementing a monitoring solution based on Nagios+NagVis
* Automating billing related tasks
* Managing and planning network infrastructure
* Services support


List of interesting projects happened in my life.

HiKam website - Supporting frontend developers with the migration of HiKam website to a new engine, webshop and Kubernetes hosting.
Burger King Lieferservice - Supporting and managing infrastructure for BurgerKing Lieferservice platform hosted in AWS.
Skif ISP / Billing system - Integrating several payment systems and improving user expirience with new features: bonus system, payments with bonus points etc.
GoldenFiber Network (at the moment JSC Kyivstar) - Building and managing GoldenFiber network, provisioning network equipment. Debugging issues related to a misconfiguration of network equipment and problems with physical connection.
pyWBacula - Web interface for generating reports and alerting to problematic backups.
Icinga2 plugins - Various Icinga2 (Nagios compatible) plugins

Skills & Proficiency

Linux OS family


Monitoring: Icinga2, Nagios, Prometheus etc




Containers management (Kubernetes, Nomad)

Infrastructure as a Code (Terraform)

Cloud Providers (AWS, Google, DigitalOcean, IONOS)

Configuration as a Code (SaltStack, Ansible, Puppet)


Network Administration